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Goodbye Acne: An affordable solution

I have been fighting mild acne on my forehead for nearly 3 years and it made me feel super paranoid and uncomfortable. I grew a fringe to cover it up which irritated it even more as the oils from my hair would get into the pores, stimulating excess oil production and causing a breakout. I’ve tried countless products prescribed by the doctors along with natural/home remedies and recommendations. The following skincare routine is the one that worked for me- my acne has now cleared up completely!

Super Facialist Tea Flower Cleansing Wash
-With Salicylic Acid                       Boots £7.99

After taking off my makeup using the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, I reach for the Super Facialist Tea Flower Deep Clean cleanser which not only has Salicylic Acid (a common, active ingredient used to treat acne), it also contains Elderflower (which is known to fade away skin blemishes). I massage the gel generously in circular motions around my face and neck and then wash it off with warm water. The cleanser will remove any traces of makeup and excess oils left behind, leaving my face feeling clean and soft. I end the cleansing by splashing cold water on my face to close the pores.

The ultimate acne eliminator! The magic and the most effective product! It has to be the Perfectly Pure Natural RAW Coconut Oil                                                   Holland & Barratt £15.49

I remember hearing years ago that Pure Natural Raw Coconut Oil is an amazing multi-tasker for the skin, the body and the diet but I never got round to trying it. I finally went and purchased this ‘so called’ amazing spot removing product. Although it looks white, it is actually a clear oil. I use the tiniest drop (that really is all you need), warm it up on my fingers and massage it into my forehead. I don’t tend to use this all over my face as the toner already did all the moisturising. The oil works as an antibacterial that forces the acne spots to dry out. Using this once a day is more than enough, I like to use it before bed.
STORING: This product needs to be stored in a warm room/area as it easily solidifies.

These pictures were taken on two different occasions.
Before: March 2014
After: September 2014
Naked Face

Makeup products that are high in chemicals WILL irritate your acne and trigger a breakout. So stay clear of harsh chemicals, do your research before purchasing a product, and ask an advisor at the store. Let your skin breathe as much as you can, don’t pile on the foundation if you don’t need it. And most importantly, ALWAYS remove makeup before you go to bed, however tired you may be.

REMEMBER: You cannot prevent acne entirely but you can control the appearance of it. Your skincare regime must be CONSISTENT if you wish to see the quickest and most effective results.


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