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Problematic Under Eyes: The Reasons

Ageing causes the under eyes to become very delicate, thin and weak. The blood vessels 
start to show, wrinkles start to develop and yes, this is a major sign of ageing! 

Allergies that make you rub your eyes could be hay fever, a dusty environment or a cold. These can lead to itchy eyes and puffiness, which in time develop into dark circles.

In some cases, dark circles could be passed down to you if it is in the genetics. You can not prevent this from happening, but its appearance can be reduced.

This is the excuse we all give when we are asked 'Why are your eyes like that?'. Lack of sleep, tiredness and looking at a screen for too long can strain your eyes and cause irritation. 

Dehydration causes the under eyes to become very dry. A nutritional diet including iron and vitamin encourages healthy looking under eyes.

Types of Dark Circles

BLUE TONE: caused by lack of sleep, stress and allergies

Solution: taking allergy tablets, using eye creams and getting enough sleep

RED TONE: caused by ageing, genetics and lack of sleep

Solution: getting enough sleep and using eye creams

BROWN TONE: genetics, hyper-pigmentation and sun damage

Solution: using eye creams with SPF and increase vitamin C intake

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