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October is by far one of my favourite months without doubt- maybe because I was a winter-born baby? Wrapped up in layers, feeling cozy and wearing bold makeup/clothing is my perfect look! Here are a few of my favourites!

These were definitely an impulse buy! I love chunky boots for the cold days, they are super comfortable and can be worn with anything. The heel is approximately 6.5cm. The matte faux leather material is very strong and is perfect for rain, snow and any crazy UK weather! These boots has definitely kept my shoe game on point! 

New Look - Burgundy Snakeskin Panel Satchel 

I first saw this on one of Hello October's haul videos and it was love at first sight. Not only does it have one of my favourite snakeskin print on the front but also the chic zip front fastening makes the bag look better. It's quite big inside, perfect to fit in all my uni essentials plus makeup bag, keys and purse. It has an adjustable shoulder strap which can also be used across the body. The burgundy colour is perfect for autumn and winter!



Zara - Chunky Knit Tartan Scarf

Tartan has come back once again to the fashion market in forms of dresses, trousers, shirts, socks and scarves. The scarves I purchased are all in different sizes and tartan colours. These have been a staple in my autumn wardrobe so far. You can style them with any outfit and they just add that extra 'umph'. They are are also super cozy! The Zara scarf was purchased last year and was out of stock so quickly so I can't link the item. But there are replica ones that you can purchase online and I think the New Look tartan scarf range are a great dupe!



I can't stress enough how amazing the Million Lashes So Couture Mascara is! I have been asked endless times if I'm wearing fake lashes and the answer has been no, its this fabulous new mascara. You only need to coat your lashes twice for the perfect fluttery look. It lasts all day (9-10 hours) without fall outs and it does not budge! 

As the cold days approach, my hayfever tends to get rough which means my eyes start to feel super itchy and watery. The No7 Extreme Waterproof mascara is perfect for coating my lower lashes so even when my eyes tear up, the mascara does not smudge. 


Boots ONLINE - Butter London - Teetotal

Midi rings are a perfect way to style those hands. These are so affordable and can be switched around.

Boots - Original Source Body Lotion Pineapple and Moringue Oil

I am a sucker for strong and fruity scents. Although 'fruity' isn't quiet an autumny scent, when I smelt the strong pineapple in this lotion I just had to purchase it! The scent stays on for only 2-3 hours but the lotion itself leaves the skin feeling super soft and moisturised. Moringue oil is perfect for dry skin- it not only conditions the skin but also treats the area and for the cold days to come, it will definitely come to use. These are available in other scents too, so do check them out!

Boots - Fade Out Brightening Eye Defense Cream (I can not find the link)

As you know, I love my skincare creams, especially ones to fix up my horrible under eyes. I've been using this brightening eye cream everyday for 3 weeks now, and I have seen some amazing results. I've also been complimented by my best friend on how much my eyes have been improving. I will be doing a in-depth review on this product in a few weeks so I can give you guys an accurate feedback. 

So there are my October Favourites, what have you been loving this month?


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