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Brows Have Left The Building

Death by plucking! Where do I start? When I first started grooming my brows, or shall I say 'shaping' my brows, it was such an exciting transition for me, I was a serial over-plucker (these people still exist lol). During school days, I remember over plucking them so much I was left with a line in the shape of an umbrella (no joke!)

I was a girl who was learning- that's my excuse! I can't remember what, when or who knocked sense into me and I began my journey to grow these babies out. It was a long, long wait but so worth it! Eyebrows frame the face in such an obvious way that when eyebrow shapes are changed, the whole face changes.
T O P  T I P S on growing your brows!

1: Throw away (or put away) your tweezers, brow wax strips, thread- which ever you use. You will need to stop plucking and waxing- hairy brows are the way to go now (as seen on the runway)

2: Use brow growth serums. There are many available in the market right now:

Natural castor oil can also be used as a cheaper alternative, remember to be consistent

3: Exfoliate the brow area with a soft toothbrush at least 3 times a week

4: Use a brow pencil or powder on a light hand, to fill in sparse areas as you wait

5: If they fail to grow, you can tint your brows professionally (permanent or semi-permanent)



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