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Lessons In Beauty #1

 In this fabulous world of beauty, there are endless tips, tricks and lessons we learn every time we read a new blog post, watch a Youtube video or trail and error products on ourselves. I've put together some fabulous lessons I've learnt from magazines to YouTube to makeup artists and other bloggers for you to indulge in.

K n o w   y o u r   s kin   type 
Is your skin oily? dry? bit of both (combination)? normal? It's important to know your skin type to ensure you are using the right type of products. Our skin changes every season, so it's also important to remember to switch up our products too. For example, now that it's winter my skin is pretty dry whereas in the summer it leans more to the oily side. 

OILY: excess oils on t-zone and around the nose
DRY: flakey dead skin around certain areas 
NORMAL: nor oily, nor flakey dry skin
COMBINATION: mix of all three

A L W A Y S   a l w a y s   take off your makeup before bed
You need to let your skin breathe throughout the night to regain oxygen. When we sleep, our skin tends to repair itself. Keeping makeup on will only allow our pores to clog and encourage breakouts- that's a no-no!

C l e a n   y o u r   m a k e up brushes weekly
Who doesn’t love the feel of clean, hygienic, nice smelling brushes? That includes beauty blenders, sponges and even the flannels/muslin cloths that you might use to take off your makeup with. 

T u r n   y o u r   l i p s t icks matte
Dabbing a small amount of loose translucent powder on your lips not only creates a matte finish but also elongates your lipstick. Remember to use a good balm underneath to stop your lips from drying out.

I s   t h e   f o u n d a t i o n   c o l o u r right for me?
It can be a right pain to test a drugstore foundation at a Boots or Superdrugs. When testing without help, be sure to test three foundation shades on the jawline (one nearest to your skin, one slightly darker and one lighter). Go outside, look at your face in natural lighting- shop lighting makes us all look fabulous. Also, take in a mini sample pot from home and ask a member of staff to give you a couple of pumps to test at home before purchasing. 

S a y   n o   t o   w a s h i n g it.. again
Your hair does not need to washed every single day of the week. Even 3 times is too much sometimes. If you're one of those people who wash their hair everyday because they feel like it's too greasy then stop right now! By over-washing your hair, you'll be stripping out all the natural oils from your hair, leaving it feel super dry and probably damaged. The dry roots then produces more oil very quickly, making it feel greasy all over again- it's a vicious cycle!
TIP: Only wash your hair twice a week! Use hair treatment masks or hair oils once a week or fortnightly for fabulous looking hair.


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