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Say Goodbye To Itchy & Watery Eyes

Optrex Actimist 2 in 1 Itchy & Watery Eyes Spray  |  Boots  | £15.99

Itchy, irritated and watery eyes not only ruins your make up but also makes you want to rub them and stick your fingers in them to take out what feels like stones. Throughout the year (grrr), every morning after I finish doing my makeup, my eyes begin to water like a leaky tap allll day- how annoying! My friend recommended this amazing spray to prevent it and I just had to try it. The price did put me off a little because it does come in a very small bottle. But I thought a spray is so much more convenient and I definitely needed a quick remedy.

I use the spray after moisturising but before priming my eyes. I hold the spray a few inches away and spray once directly onto closed eyes- it takes up to 10-15 seconds to dry and then I am able to apply the rest of my makeup. It's as easy as that! The packaging does say that you'll feel a cooling sensation as soon as it's sprayed onto the eyes and I did feel it the first couple times that I used it. However, since then my eyes have not been as irritated as it used to be. 

P r o s
- instant relief, soothes the eyes and creates moisture
- convenient spray form
- spray onto closed eyes so can be done independently
- spray can last up to 6 months unlike eye drops (only 2 weeks)
- does not need to be stored in the fridge
- does not smudge makeup
- 60 Boots points (yay, lol)

C o n s
- it is expensive for such a small bottle (look out for Boots, Superdrug deals). You may even find it cheaper at a local pharmacy
- may contain ingredients that you are allergic to, please check before using


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