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eBay Bargins #3 Elf Matte Lip Colours

A few days ago, I posted a review on the Inglot AMC Matte Lip Pencils (review here) which costs £11 each. As I was going through my makeup drawer today, I found my Elf Matte Lip Colours which are IDENTICAL to the Inglot pencils but a fraction of the price costing only £3.95!

  • Have scrappers at the end
  • Rotating mechanism (twist tubes)
  • Very pigmented
  • Matte finishes
  • Good range of colours
  • Elf is much more creamier whereas Inglot is more drying on the lips
  • Elf pencils contain a little more product
  • Elf does transfer wheres Inglot is full on matte and does not 
  • Elf has the colour of the product at the end of the pencil
  • Identical packaging, but Inglot is more sturdy & better quality

PRALINE : deep browny nude : MAC SPIRIT DUPE (as seen on dupethat)

To be honest, although there are a few differences I have no favourite- I have leaned more towards the similarities because I can work with the differences, make any sense? It's all a matter of choice! Both brands have gorgeous (yet different) colours and soon I will be purchasing more from both ranges. 

Where to purchase Elf Matte Lip Colours
EBAY- £5.95 (click here)

please note: they are currently OUT OF STOCK on the Elf website & prices may vary on affiliate sites


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