Red Cherry lashes are the most affordable, chic lashes I own and there is a pair for every occasion. The lashes are made from either 100% human hair or hair-like fibre, so they are very natural looking. The lash band is super thin and it looks (nearly) invisible when worn so you won't need to apply eyeliner if you don't want to. Here are the fair few I own!

r e d c h e r r y : #213
long, wispy, natural-feeling, perfect for everyday wear
DUPE FOR : Ardell 122,  MAC no4 & Eylure 155

r e d c h e r r y #43
long, wispy, cat-eye effect, full, natural yet visible
DUPE FOR : Ardell wispies & Mac no36

r e d c h e r r y #WSP
wispy, volume, long, naturally dramatic, fluttery
DUPE FOR : Ardell 120 demi wispies

r e d c h e r r y #DW
natural-feeling, wispy, fluttery, 
DUPE FOR : Ardell 120 demi wispies

r e d c h e r r y #102
my most dramatic pair, wispy ends, full, long

I purchased these back in christmas last year and after wearing them all I can definitely say they have given my stubborn lashes life! I would definitely recommend these lashes. When cleaned and stored well (in original packaging) you can get a lot of wears out of them. 

Red Cherry lashes in #102

Red Cherry lashes in #DW

£1.45 - £3.99 (depending on the type of lashes and where they are purchased from)

Where to purchase Red Cherry lashes from
AMAZON : (click here)
EBAY : (click here)
USE CODE 'SFBLOVES' AT CHECKOUT FOR 10% OFF! (falseeyelashes.co.uk)
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