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Tea Tree For Under £10

Tea Tree has been part of my skincare regime for a very long time. It was one of the first skincare basics I picked up back when I was at school. So why is tea tree so beneficial for our skin? Tea Tree is a strong antiseptic that can be used to treat insect bites, spots, dandruff, hair treatments and its most important treatment, acne. Here are a few products that I've used throughout the years (and now) that have given me amazing results!

The Body Shop Cool & Creamy Wash  |  £5.00

During my acne breakout a couple years ago, this creamy wash was part of my everyday skincare regime. This has a lovely creamy texture which feels so good on the skin. I saw improvement in my skin within a few days of using the face wash consistently. It helps prevent breakouts and reduce scars left from spots. This is great for sensitive and breakout-prone skin. 

Lush Tea Tree Toner Water  |  £7.95

This toner is ahhhhmazing! It feels super refreshing and during the summer months when my skin is combination/oily and it does a great job of controlling the excess oils. I usually spray it directly onto my face and then rub it in or spray onto a cotton pad and wipe onto my face.

N O S E   S T R I P S
Superdrugs Tea Tree Nose Pore Strips  |  £3.99

This is a recent purchase of mine and I really don't know why I didn't discover it any sooner. The strips have to be applied on a clean, damp nose (the area has to be damp to enable to strip to stick). After 8-10 minutes, it's normal for the area will feel stiff and the strip is ready to be peeled off. Say goodbye to bacteria and blackheads. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask  |  £10.00

The Body Shop Tea Tree face mask was one of the first masks I ever used during my teenage years. I used it twice a week and saw results very quickly- my spots on my cheek and chin started to disappear and I had less breakouts. The mask comes in quite a thick paste and is easy to layer onto the face. Like all Tea Tree products, this left my face feeling smooth and refreshed.

M O I S T U R I S E R 
Dr Organic Tea Tree Skin Lotion  |  £6.49

This lotion has so many uses; it reduces dry skin and redness, it's great as a hand treatment, keeping your skin moisturised for longer after a shower/bath and treating heat rash. As it is super moisturising, a little does go a long way. Although I love the Tea Tree scent, this lotion is not overpowering at all for those that are not fond of the scent.

Holland & Barratt 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil   |  £3.99
Tea Tree oil can be used in many different ways. The obvious way, applying it directly onto spots and the oil will encourage the spot to dry it out and eventually disappear. I also mix a drop or two in my skincare products such as a moisturisers, cleansers, face masks, face scrubs and even in my bath. The oil helps kill bacteria that may be sitting on our skin and fight unwanted breakouts. Tea Tree oil is also known to encourage hair growth and is a perfect treatment for a dry scalp.

What are your favourite Tea Tree products?


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