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DIY: Super Moisture Pack Hair Mask


I remember reading Huda's famous soft and shiny hair treatment post about a year ago and I've always wanted to give it a try. After watching a recent video on her IG and another from a fellow blogger, it totally jugged my memory and I had to try it out.

My hair before treatment *dry, curled and in need of some moisture!


1/2 avocado: high in vitamin B and E which work well together to protect and strengthen the hair. It's also a great moisturiser for dry and damaged hair.

2 tablespoons olive oil: reduces damage to the roots and leaves hair feeling soft and shiny. It's also known to prevent hair loss.

2 tablespoons coconut oil: reduces damage to the hair and encourages hair growth.


Scoop out the avocado from its skin and mash using a fork making sure there are no lumps left

Add the oil and coconut oil and using the fork again, mix in the oils together
(you can use a food processor if you prefer)

Rub the mixture into dry hair and leave in for 30 minutes

After washing your hair as usual, remember to rinse thoroughly making sure no avocado bits are left behind.
*please note- this may not work on all hair types. 

And voila, you'll be left with super soft, shiny hair.

*My hair after treatment, no straightening, no blow-drying, my hair was air dried.

The gorgeous Sabrina from Maquillage Menu (click here) had also tried this treatment and her results were fabulousss!


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