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TOP:- 1995, Underground, Rodeo Drive
BOTTOM:- French Toast, Berry Smoothie, Cherry Cordial

Gerard Cosmetics is an American brand that has gotten so popular in the last year or so. The brand itself receives endless tags via Instagram and Twitter everyday especially on their most popular lipstick yet, 1995 (which was one of my first purchases). 
with flash
very opaque
application is smooth and creamy
lasts about 3-4 hours
not strongly scented

with flash

1995 - a browny/pinky nude
This is one of those colours that look different on every complexion. I think the fairer you are, the more brown it looks. And the deeper you are, the more pink it looks. 

Underground - a greyish purple
Since the craze over the infamous Limecrime Cashmere, grey toned purple has been all over the beauty scene. This shade has a matte finish and can look different depending on what other makeup you use on the face (the warmer the face, the deeper the shade looks). 

Rodeo Drive - a mauvey pink
I remember the days I absolutely hated pink and now the mauvey shades are growing me on me. I love wearing this shade with a deeper pink lip liner underneath as well as on its own.

French Toast - a peachy brown
In the bullet, the shade looks exactly like 1995, I actually thought they'd gotten the names wrong but French Toast has quite a strong peach undertone when swatched. It's a very neutral colour so it can be used on top of bold lipsticks to tone them down. 

Berry Smoothie - a deep mauvey pink
There's not a lot of say about this shade as it's very much a warmer version of Rodeo Drive but it can look the same depending on complexion and lighting. It also looks darker in the bullet than it actually is. 

Cherry Cordial - a deep red/maroon

This was one of the first GC lipsticks I got. I remember seeing it on Sammi (beautycrush) sometime last year and it looked gorgeous against her complexion. This shade is definitely a true shade of maroon which I love wearing with some natural lashes- simple yet dramatic.

without flash

If you don't follow GC on Instagram then you're definitely missing out on their amazing deals. They always have promotion codes for money off and free delivery. My first order took roughly less than 2 weeks and I received a few from a lovely assistant from GC, Denith. 


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