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As you probably already know, the contouring trend has grown SO big within the last year. Nearly every brand is releasing both cream and powder textures. 

I'm not one to contour heavily every single day, even on occasions I tend to only contour my cheeks. But when I feel the need to go full out I reach for this fabulous kit which does an amazing job of sculpting my features- they are super creamy, lightweight a glide on so smoothly.

The palette includes 5 shades in total
- 3 brown shades for contouring
- 2 light and dark colours for highlighting

before contouring

I love the different shades of contours this palette has so you can choose between a subtle contour using the lighter shade or a strong contour using the two darker shades. The contour shades have grey undertones which creates a very natural contour. 1 and 3 have a true grey undertone and 2 is quite warm. 

using Nars Radiant Creamy concealer mixed with Kevyn Aucoin Skin Enhancer

All the contour colours are very much long-lasting when set with a powder however they can take some effort to blend in to achieve a natural finish. Tip is the more you blend the better the contour looks.

They are also very pigmented- a little goes a long way otherwise you can end up with a muddy look. It's also important to remember to use a smaller brush for more precise areas such as the nose to ensure the product doesn't blend into the entire area.

This contour kit is perfect for those with medium to dark complexions. Laura has also included a step by step info cards on how to actually use the kit for different areas of the face. The palette has also been added to Laura's permanent collection so it will always be available- yay!

The only downside to this palette is it doesn't have an actual concealer which can be used to brighten the under eyes. Other then that, I have no complaints on this fabulous contour kit.


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