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Mavala Lipsticks  |  from £6.19

"Mavala Lipsticks contain botanical extracts of shea butter and aloe vera which are moisturising, film forming, smoothing, regenerating and protection."

I was sent these Mavala lipsticks by the gorgeous Lucy from @skeeterandscout. They don't have a matte finish (which I have been loving recently) but it's been nice trying out something different for once and the satin/glossy finish has been growing on me.
The lipsticks are available in a whooping 30 different shades ranging from reds to pinks to browns- perfect range to find a colour which suits your complexion.
The shades I received were:

614 Radiant Fuchsia
615 Pearly Coral
617 Glossy Red
They glide on so smoothly and lasts a good 3-4 hours with a lip liner underneath and I didn't experience any bleeding with these lipsticks- YAY!
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As mentioned at the beginning of the post, the lipsticks contains beneficial ingredients to encourage deep hydration on the lips. Throughout the day, the lipstick felt very comfortable and it felt like I was barely wearing anything.
Going back to the satin/glossy finish of these lipsticks. If you look reallyyy close up to the swatches in person, I noticed the tiniest specks of glitter which is obviously what gives it that glossy finish- perfect for parties and nights out I say.
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