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I left this post for the end of January because I didn't want these goals of mine to come across as New Years resolutions. These definitely aren't New Years resolutions, they are just things I want to work on throughout the year.

Recently I've gotten into this really reallyyy bad habit of sleeping 3/4am and waking up around 9am. It's SO bad and it's really affecting my dark circles like they aren't dark enough already, grrr. It's also been triggering these horrible cluster headaches whilst I'm at work or at uni. I received thisworks Sleep Plus Pillow Spray at the QVC SS16 Press Event (click here) back in November so what a better time to put it in use.

As I wake up super early, on my days off I tend to stay in bed for an extra 4/5 hours watching YouTube or a film. Yes, it's my day off I get to be lazy but then I realise how much time I waste when I could be running errands. I end up running my errands around 3/4pm, then I get home late and I feel like I've just wasted my entire day. I really want to get myself into the routine of getting out of bed as soon as I wake up! 

I tend to stress out over the most littlest things and it drives me absolutely crazy. Stress makes me break out like MAD, it ruins my skin and my hair starts falling. Recently, it hasn't been too crazy as I've been on holiday and uni has only just started. I want to learn to be more patient with things and believe things will always happen in time.

I came across this quote the other day and I do believe it's 100% true. Since becoming a blogger, the amount of hate comments and emails I've gotten has been horrible and I always always ignore them because they don't get to me one bit and the only opinions that matter to me are the people dearest and you- my lovely followers. I always try to be as positive I can be within the blogosphere as well as day to day life and I will definitely be continuing to do so.

If you already follow me on Snapchat (skinfacebeauty) then you'd know I recently spent an entire weekend at a spa with my best friend. We both needed a weekend off from our real life and what better way to spend it. I haven't been swimming in forever and it just felt so good to swim again. I would love to go swimming again regularly, maybe on my days off- it's SO calming!

I have a bad bad habit of cluttering my room. I am forever tidying up and it gives me the biggest headache. I definitely need to learn to put things away as soon as I'm done with using them instead of just throwing it on my table. I used to always pick on my mum and sister for hoarding things and it makes me so sad to say I have become one of them! I have started to hoard magazines, makeup and anything with pretty patterns (all for Instagram pictures). No more cluttering!

As I've been off work and on holidays from uni, I have been uploading so much more often. I want to stick to that routine and upload at least twice a week. I love blogging, it's definitely one of my favourite hobbies. I have so much in store for you all and can't wait to share it with you!

I get tons of requests on my Snapchat *skinfacebeauty* to start a YouTube channel. I absolutely love watching YouTube videos, I spend a lot of time watching other YouTubers do their thang whilst I do housework, get ready to go out or just in bed. Doing YouTube videos myself just isn't my thing. I'm more of a 10 second Snapchat videos kinda girl (which I do sometimes upload on my Instagram *_skinfacebeauty*. And I love blogging! So the answer is no, I won't be doing YouTube!


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