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I've always been switching up the way I apply my foundations ever since I started wearing it. First it was the most basic way- using my fingers. Then it was a flat foundation brush- which always left annoying, streaky marks. After purchasing the Real Techniques Core Collection, I was introduced to the buffing brush- which only worked well with certain foundations. And within the last couple of years, I have been loving my trusty Beautyblender.

My base is made up of at least 4-6 products depending on how long I have to get ready. Yes, it sounds like a lot but majority of the products are skincare products and it's super important to prep your skin properly and effectively before applying any makeup. 

- The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser  |  £16.00  (mentioned here)
I've been using the TBS moisturiser ever since its release earlier on this year and I love how hydrated and dewy it leaves my skin. It's super lightweight and really wakes the skin up. I also love the cooling, refreshing sensation it gives. I rub the product into my face and let it dry for a few seconds before moving on to the next step. 

- Laura Mercier Foundation Primer  |  £29.00  (mentioned here)
I switch up my primers often (between the three pictured) but recently I've gone back to an old favourite, the Laura Mercier Original Foundation Primer. This primer has a gel-like texture and when applied it leaves the skin looking polished. It's so hard to explain what difference a primer makes but when I don't use it, my base does not look as good. I use a pea sized amount and dot around my face before rubbing into my face. I again, let this dry for a few seconds before moving on.

Using my Real Techniques foundations brush from the core collection, I paint the foundation all over my face. 

- Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water  |  £20.00  (click here)
I spritz the primer water all over my face and before it sets I buff in my foundation using the Real Techniques buffing brush from the core collection. 
- NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray  |  £8.00  (mentioned here)
I then spray the NYX setting spray onto my damp beautyblender and press all over my face to blend in my foundation further which leaves an amazing finish and because some areas of my face is quite dry I don't like to set using powder.

-Mario Badescu Facial Spray  |  £10.25  (click here)
I finish off by spritzing this facial spray which hydrates my makeup and encourages its longevity.

I then go onto concealing my under eyes. As I have dry/combination skin, the only areas I set with translucent powder is under my eyes, around my nose and around my mouth- which are the areas that tend to get oily.
As long as this process seems, it only takes me about 5-8 minutes to complete my base (sometimes 10 when I stop to use snapchat *skinfacebeauty* lol).

I would love to know of any tips you have and use when applying your base. Please share them with me in the comments section down below or on Instagram using the hashtag #skinfacebeauty 


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