"The richest colour and the richest care in Red and Nude palettes. Delve into six of the most iconic Color Riche shades in matte and satin textures to fit every mood, outfit or occasion."
I have always been so skeptical with lip palettes. Either the colours are not pigmented enough or most of the shades do not suit my complexion. L'Oreal recently released two lip palettes for their SS16 collection. The palettes are available in Red (a mix of different shades of reds) and Nude (a mix of different shades of nudes). I was super excited to try these because I've recently been loving L'Oreal recently, they've released some fab products!
Both palettes come in a chic, mirrored, golden packaging and inside there is a perfectly sized mirror and a lip brush. Both palettes also contain six colours which are in order of lightest to darkest. 
I started off with applying the nudest shade from the nude palette with a detailer brush from the Real Techniques Core Collection. I felt like the nude shade was barely showing up on my lips at all so I went in with my fingers. I swiped my finger onto the product about 4-5 times to get enough product. I then patted the product onto my lips. As an obvious matte lip lover, my first impression was 'eww it's so shiny' and I took it off. 
As most of the shades have satin finishes, I had to keep swiping my finger back and forth from the palette to my lips. Baring in mind my actual lips are super pigmented hence why I did think the Nude palette wasn't showing up that much. 

- easy to mix shades to make a totally different one
- create an ombre lip effect
- affordable: six different lip shades for £12.99
- travel friendly

- formula is not great
- it is messy
- pigmentation

So far, I'm not quite sure I like either of the palettes. My instincts were right with lip palettes in general, the formula is never great. However, I 100% think the American version of this release is way better because every American review I read, they all seemed to have loved it and have also said how pigmented they are. 
Nude Lip Palette - second shade
£12.99 each
- L'Oreal always have deals in Boots and Superdrug so keep an eye out for those
- Boots give 10% to students online only via Unidays

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