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Close up pictures of the lashes will be posted soon!
Mink Style 1 (click here)

Mink Style 2 (click here)

Mink Style 3 (click here)

Mink Style 4 (click here)

Mink Style 5 (click here)

Mink Style 6 (click here)

Mink Style 7 (click here)

Mink Style 8 (click here)

Mink Style 9 (click here)

Mink Style 10 (click here)

Mink Style 11 (click here)

Mink Style 12 (click here)


Each lash set comes in a basic lash case, similar to the classic Red Cherry's and Ardell lashes. Some vary and are come in stronger cases.

You really can't expect much for such cheap lashes however, the quality of most of the lashes listed above are amazing! They last so long when cleaned and stored correctly like most lashes should be. They come extra long to suit every eye shape - I definitely had to cut mine down quite a bit, but that did not change the style of the lashes. If you wear the lashes and feel a little pokey, that means the lashes need to be cut down. TIP: always cut little by little and after each cut remember to measure again.

The prices range from 99p - £1.50, the links near the lashes will show you the exact/current price. Please note that eBay sellers can adjust their prices at any time (sometimes more, sometimes less). 


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