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Little Ondine and NIOD were the winners of last years QVC Find a Beauty Brand Competition. (click here) if you own a brand and would like to enter this year. 

"Natural ingredients, easy peel off, odour free, quick drying, brilliant colours". 
Discovery Nailcare Collection in Box (click here)
- "These nail polishes are water based, odourless, have strong pigmentation and are easily changeable".

This set consists of five different nail polishes; Red Red Wine (deep red), Baby Pink (a very pale pink), Sweet Liquor (classic nude), Silver Glitter (shimmering silver), Secret (clear) and a nail art tool. The best thing about these polishes is when you're bored of the colour or need to quickly take the shade off, all you need to do is peel it off - no extra remover is required.

"With a commitment to be at the very forefront of science, NIOD (Non Invasive Options in Dermal Science) brings new innovations out ahead of the curve, adapting to needs for modern-day skincare and pioneering next-generation beauty".
Photography Fluid Opacity 12% (click here)
- "Designed to hydrate your skin for up to 48 hours after application. Formulated with Nano-Prismatic Yellow-Red Hue Corrector, patented Dragon Fruit Chromatic Refractor and bio-sugar complex".
A tiny drop of this can be applied before foundation application or mixed in with the foundation to create a dewy finish. It is highly pigmented so the tiniest amount (smaller than a pea) is all you'll need. It is a photography fluid so when taking a picture with this on, your face will looks super flawless. 

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2. Like and comment on the giveaway picture on Instagram: if you could launch your own beauty line, what would it be.

- Giveaway will be open for UK residents only and will close at 8pm GMT on 30/07/16
- Winner will be announced 31/07/16 via my Instagram
- You must complete all three entrance requirements
- This is an Instagram giveaway only
- Giveaway pages and pages with 0 following/followers/posts will be excluded
- It is SO important to comment on the picture so I'm aware you've entered (especially if your profile is on private)
- Winners will be notified via the Instagram account they've entered with


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