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After seeing Kaushal Beauty's video on this bubble mask a week ago, I just had to get my hands on this. As well as a makeup enthusiast, I'm a sucker for a good face mask - any face mask really, I love anything that pampers my skin during the evenings. So, I ordered this mask soon as I could and received it within a day - quickest delivery ever, it's like they knew I had to have asap!

The mask comes in your normal tub like most higher end masks do along with a mini spatula for you to apply the mask with. It also has a lid within the lid to hold the spatula as well as prevent the actual product from drying out - very clever.

I first removed any makeup residue I had left on my face before applying the mask. The mask was super easy to apply and the spatula allowed an even application all over my face. It began to bubble up within a few seconds and I could also hear it. After a couple of minutes, my face began to tickle - good tickle that is, like the mask is about to drip off the face but it really doesn't. After exactly 7 minutes the foam had gotten so big, it just kept foaming up. At 10 minutes, I used a damp muslin cloth to wipe off the mask, it came off very easily after rinsing out a couple of times. 
The mask is effective and does what any basic face mask does, it softens the skin and makes it feel super smooth. The bubbling is a little extra bonus to make a boring mask look and feel fun. Perfect for a night in with family or friends. I always follow my face mask with an oil and my favourite one to use is Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil. It's an oil that's not greasy and doesn't make the skin look it either. 

Would I repurchase? Well, the tub is quite big and you only need a little product each application, I reckon you could get 15-16 masks out of it. And yes, when I do eventually get through the tub, I would definitely repurchase.


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