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EOS Lemon Drop Lip Balm - £5.95 (click here)
"A protective and pampering lip balm which shields the lips from sun damage. Shea Butter and Vitamin E work harmoniously to soothe and nurture the lips whilst the transparent formula glides effortlessly onto the lips to create a luscious veil of moisture and protection".

One of my favouritttte lip balms. I usually put this on before bed to keep my lips from drying out throughout the night. It's available in 10 different scents and I went for the citrus-y one. 

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner | £15.50 (click here)
"A gentle exfoliating toner which is perfect for dry and sensitive skin. Specially formulated with 2% Glycolic Acid, Grapefruit Extract and Aloe Gel. Glycolic Acid gently exfoliates, refreshes and stimulates dry and congested complexions".

I use this toner twice a day: once in the morning after cleansing and once after taking off my makeup in the evening. I mentioned this toner in my in-depth skincare routine post (read here). It has helped clear up the congested area on my forehead really well. 

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion | £12.50 (click here)
"A highly coveted acne treatment that refreshes and repairs the complexion effortlessly. An excellent spot treatment made with a blend of Calamine and Salicylic Acid. This drying lotion clears up and soothes unsightly whiteheads overnight without irritating the surrounding skin".

I picked this up a while ago after seeing Desi Perkins demonstrate it over on her Snapchat. She dots the white powder onto her spots before bed and in the morning it had totally dried out. It really does work effortlessly.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel | £29.50 (click here)
"An illuminating facial cleanser ideal for combination, normal, dull or dry complexions. Specially formulated to quickly and gently remove all traces of makeup and daily impurities from the skin. This gel has a stunning Rose and Chamomile fragrance and a naturally derived, nourishing formula".

I use the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel alongside my Magnitone on its lowest setting in the mornings only. It's super gentle and as you rub it into the skin it instantly rubs off any makeup without any aggressiveness. It does not dry out my skin, it actually feels like oil the more you rub it in. I love the gorgeous packaging however, you won't be able to tell when you're nearly running out.

Yes To Cucumbers Daily Cleanser | £8.00 (click here)
"Contains a fusion of rejuvenating Vitamins which soothe and soften the skin whilst keeping the skin supple and fresh with cooling properties. Aloe Vera offers natural moisturisation and skin refreshment whilst Green Tea effectively combats oxidative stress and treats troubled skin and breakouts".

Another cleanser I like to use with my Magnitone. I was sent this cleanser by the PR team a while back and it's probably the most gentle and affordable cleanser I own. If the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is a little out your budget then go for this - it comes pretty close in terms of texture and effectiveness.

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm For Lips | £12.00 (click here)
"Multi-purpose lip balm which helps to heal and moisturise even the driest and most sensitive of lips. 100% pure and natural, it has a medically proven formula which is reowned as one of nature's more effective and natural skin moisturisers which helps to heal dry and sensitive skin".

The actual product sadly couldn't make it to the picture as it was buried somewhere deep in my bag and I just couldn't find it, but the link above will show you what it looks like. I recently broke out with severe eczema around my lips which was SO sore and itchy. I tried every lip balm I owned and then came across this which I received in a Glossybox a while back. I've been using it to help with the dryness and it completely did the trick, my lips are as good as new.

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What are your favourite skincare products?


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