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I came across this Colour Switcher back in summer this year when I went full on with my eyeshadow looks and practised nearly everyday. I have SO many eyeshadow brushes but there are a couple I continuously use for more than one eyeshadow step. Using the Colour Switch Sponge allowed me to do exactly that by swirling off the excess colour instead of having to wash it with water.

This is a Vera Mona Dupe which was released a while back and has the exact same concept of dry cleaning the brush before going in with another colour. However, from what I remember it costs around £20-£25 for one so this one is definitely a bargain.

When I first saw it online, I did think at the back of my mind, it's too cheap to work and it definitely won't dry clean the brushes well but I still ordered it because of how inexpensive it was. As soon as I received it, a week and a half later (delivery from China), I used it straight away with my dirtiest brush.. and my oh my was I amazed at how well it did its job. 

I have washed my sponge with baby shampoo (like I do with my makeup brushes) and let it totally dry and used it again and it works just as good as it did the first time. 

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