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The most sought liquid lipsticks ever! The liquid lipsticks were all gifted to me and the glosses I purchased myself. I'm pretty happy with all the shades I have at the moment, they are definitely all 'me' shades. 

The packaging remains sleek and simple, as are all the ABH products. They come in a glass tube and shiny gold lids for the liquid lipsticks and matte black lids for the lip glosses. The applicator was the standard a doe-foot applicator like most liquid lipsticks for easy application. The pigmentation for these liquid lipsticks is ahhmazing as well as the longevity. With one coat it covers my entire lips. It lasts at least 5-6 hours without budging even after eating and drinking, I don't need to worry about reapplying. 
A lot of reviews I read up on beforehand mentioned the liquid lipstick being extremely dry. I didn't find it uncomfortable to wear at all. I do wear a little lip balm under all my matte lipsticks which solves any drying issues - exfoliating the lips also allows matte lipsticks to sit nicely on the lips. I found that the flakiness could be caused by applying a layer on top of another. Because the pigmentation is so good, it does not need layering, one layer is opaque enough. You also don't need to use too much product, I wipe off all the excess product into the tube before applying it onto my lips. The liquid lipsticks dry fully matte within 20-30 seconds. 

The liquid lipstick range consists of a whooping 33 shades ranging of browns to nudes to reds and purples, so there's definitely a shade to match every complexion. The only downside to these are they extremely hard to get hold of. Now that ABH is easily available in the UK via their new UK website, the liquid lipsticks are yet to be stocked and be given permission to sell in the UK however, you can purchase the glosses. You can purchase the liquid lipsticks via the US website which does ship to the UK however, you will be hit with custom charges. 
Lip Glosses
VINTAGE: dusty rose
FUDGE: chocolate brown
TARA: terracotta brown

Liquid Lipsticks
ALLISON: pinky brown
SEPIA: deep taupe
DUSTY ROSE: mauvey nude
ASHTON: caramel brown

The ABH lip glosses are available in 43 different shades which again range from nudes to red to browns and purples. I have recently started wearing glosses, the reasons sticky and having my hair on them most part of the day had previously put me off. However, I don't find these glosses sticky at all. Firstly, the shades I purchased are gorgeous browns and the pigmentation and consistency come hand in hand - they too are of great quality. They have a strong vanilla/cakey scent to them which I lovvvve but they don't last longer than a minute or two. They are also very opaque, with one coat my lips are covered. These also have a doe-foot applicator just like the liquid lipstick which makes application super easy. 

Liquid Lipsticks: purchase here
Lip Glosses: purchase here


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