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Let me start of by saying how proud I am of Aysha and all the hard work that has gone into Certifeye does not go unnoticed. As a one person business, it has bloomed so quickly and beautifully and I wish nothing but success in your future. I have previously reviewed her glitters which you can read here. They did not fail to disappoint me and nor did these brushes. 

I got home from work one evening and found this surprise box waiting for me, gifted by Aysha which I am so so grateful for. The brushes come in a gorgeous box with a silk bedding - she really did put great thought into it. 

The bristles are made of synthetic hairs which makes this set perfect for easily blending out cream and liquid products i.e. foundations, cream contours and concealers. Synthetic bristles do not absorb any liquid or cream products so when you use it, no product will be wasted. 

The brush set consists of every brush you could possibly need to create an entire makeup look; 
eyeshadow brush: to apply eyeshadow all over my lids and blend out the edges
smudge brush: to blend the crease or apply highlight on the brow bone/inner corners
angled liner/brow brush: to apply gel liner, fill in brows or smoke out bottom lash line
fan brush: to apply powder highlighter
large buffing brush: to lightly dust setting powder all over the face or bronzer
kabuki style foundation brush: to blend in foundation
blush brush: to apply bronzer, blush or blend in cream contour
contour brush: to apply and blend cream corner

The set is perfect for beginners and it was designed so well, it sits gorgeously on my dresser. I did find it difficult to use the fan brush at first as I did find it didn't pick up enough of my highlighter product. The trick is to use the sides of the bristles to pick up the product and not the tips. I have washed these brushed several times and did not experience any shedding. I always use them in my mini tutorials over on my Snapchat *skinfacebeauty*. These brushes will make the best gifts on its own or including lashes and glitters from the brand - there are lots of different gifts available on the Certifeye website, linked below.

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