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"Even the prettiest woman could feel insecure if she loves the wrong man. What makes her beautiful is a man who can empower her..."

Yes ladies. It's time we discuss those women including ourselves about insecurity. What does the word actually mean? Is it the fear of feeling unattractive in society or is it something deeper than that? Is it the lack of self worth or the lack of self confidence? Why do we feel the 'need' to wear makeup and look beautiful? What happened to the natural state of our Skin, Face and Beauty

Seems a bit ironic to talk about this as my blog posts are full of beauty products but I'm not going to deny that even I have some days where I just feel "argh" if that's a word, it's a word right? It's one of those feelings that sometimes knocks on our doors randomly. But we just  have to learn to invite it for tea or coffee, talk with it, understand it then take that sugar spoon and just poke it in the eye.

There are some women out there who feel the need to constantly compare people, each other. Compare so much that they end up making the other feel really low about themselves and get satisfaction out of that confidence gained.

Ladies, confidence isn't walking into a room with your nose in the air, and thinking you're better than everyone else, it's walking into a room and not having to compare yourself to anyone in the first place. Insecurity really is an ugly thing that makes you hate people, even those you do not even know, for no apparent reason.

Why do some women compare themselves to others? Maybe perhaps because the standard you used to see, how well you do is not the real worth of your own well being, but how it compares with that of others. And that is a sad thing. 

We are all women, of all different shapes and colours and sizes and experiences and backgrounds. So with all these varieties, self comparisons should always be non existent. Insecurity absolutely destroys and kills all that is beautiful especially when we compare with others.

Let us embrace and love our similarities. Let's colour the world with lipstick and my pick for today's post is Coloured Raine Liquid Mattes, which you can read about here. Let us draw our lips and wear a dress of confidence and invite love to find us; not from just a man but also friends and let's not ever chase anyone or anything in life.

Sometimes in life we try so hard to copy other women and try to be someone else but in the end we always inevitably are stuck with ourselves. So we should learn to love ourselves and give ourselves worth. Finding ways to please ourselves and knowing who we are rather than chasing celebrities and the latest trend. Let's recognise our own trends and strengths.

Well first off all when it comes to recognising our own strengths we need to first accept. Accept who we are and accept how we look and accept our situations and circumstances. That is by far the biggest step when it comes to finding our strengths and losing our insecurities. We were all designed in a particular way and we cannot change that. But of course by following beauty tips I can always advise how you can enhance and beautify your gorgeous selves.

2. After we accept who we are we have to accept how others are. Just like we cannot change ourselves, other people cannot change themselves and if they have beautiful looks and beautiful homes and a good situation we could only learn from them and set ourselves our own goals and targets to achieve them. Becoming jealous over other people's fortunes will never solve anything. If anything, it will make you miserable and bitter. Changing your situation is only in your hands so let's not try scratch other people's limelight. Women empowering other women is everything.

3. Finally embracing each other as WOMEN. Come on, we are the strongest gender right? We have enough to deal with as it is. Weight, menopause, hair loss, equal opportunities!

Let us as women embrace and support each other rather than drag each other down!
Let us be the ones building each other up rather than tearing each other down!
Let our heels take us to the heights of confidence!
Let our beauty bring us together like my collection of eyeshadow palettes!
Let our insecurities drain away like after a long hot soak!

I'm gonna wrap this up now ladies. I hope this post helps us women focus on things in life like what we will wear on the crazy morning rush tomorrow :)
I know what I will wear: the most important must have thing in every girls wardrobe - my confidence! 


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