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We all already know about the famous Body Shop Body Butters which are available in a huge variety of scents. My favourite ones are Frosted Berries, Cranberry, Spiced Apple and the limited edition Mojito. You can view and purchase the entire range here.

Moving away from the body butters, there are plenty of other skin loving products from the Body Shop that I have been using for ages and I have always recommend these to you all over on my social media. 

A gorgeous, citrus scented pick me up mist. For the long days, the hot days, the days where to need to refresh your makeup or just refresh your skin, this is the product for you. I sometimes use it as a toner too. 
Please note: this is not a makeup fixer or setting spray.

This was my holy grail moisturiser for a good couple of years. I love its gel-like texture and the fact you need the tiniest amount for a hydrated face base for makeup application. I do switch up between this and the Skin Reviver on days I don't wear foundation for a glowy finish. It's very lightweight and is absorbed pretty easily without leaving a tacky, greasy residue. 

VITAMIN C SKIN REVIVER  |  purchase here
My mum swears by this serum! She's been using this since its release and I slowly started loving it too. As soon as its applied, you're skin will feel like velvet which can act like a primer - a perfect base before your foundation and eyeshadow. I use this mainly on days I don't wear foundation, it makes my skin look better and it gives the skin a gorgeous glow in the right places. A little goes a long way, I take a small, pea sized amount and dot around my face before rubbing in. The serum itself smells SO GOOD! I am a huge fan of citrus smell hence why the entire Vitamin C range is in my skincare drawer!

CAMOMILE SILKY CLEANSING OIL  |  reviewed here  |  purchase here
Hands down the best cleansing oil everrrr! I always reach for this after using my micellar water to take off any residue makeup. Not only does this take off any standard makeup products, but it also takes off waterproof makeup on the eyes without it stinging - yay! Read my full review on the link above.

This is a clay mask with exfoliating particles within it. There are a few different masks within the range with different skincare benefits. I opted for the Glow Mask because who doesn't love that extra glow through their natural skin? The mask does a fabulous job of tightening and refining my pores. Once applied, it slightly tingles which I love because it allows me to believe its actually doing something to my skin. In terms of glow, I didn't quite notice a huge glow factor however, it did control the excess oils. 

ALL-IN-ONE INSTABLUR  |  purchase here
I reach for this primer quite often on days I'm not wearing any foundation. I apply it on top of my moisturiser on areas I tend to get a little oily which is my t-zone and around my nose. It is a really light formula and is absorbed pretty quickly. You must be really careful when squeezing the tube and it tends to fly out majority of the time. The trick is to keep your finger as close as possible to the exit.

I have tried many oils on this little face of mine and this one by far has made it to my top 5. I reach for this quite often before bedtime, especially as my skin can feel super dry easily and I'd hate to wake up with flakey skin. This does the job of keeping the dryness at bay and when I wake up in the morning, my skin is feeling extremely soft. A little does go a long way, I use 3-4 drops and it's easily absorbs - it does not leave any greasy residue. I'm on my third bottle now I think in the space of 2 years so it's so worth its price tag.

WARMING MINERAL MASK  |  reviewed here
I couldn't find this instores last week, nor could I find it on the website - has it been discontinued? I really hope it hasn't been! Luckily, the hoarder that I am, I have a back up! I reach for this mask on days my skin is feeling really 'ugh' and oily (ugh is a feeling right?) It draws out all the impurities and excess oils, leaving the skin feeling super soft. Read my full review on the link above.

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