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Currently, no makeup, hair up, listening to my babbbe William Singe and sitting in my favourite robe - what better way to spend the first day of the new year! 

I want to keep it real with you guys - I don't want my social media accounts and reading my blog to be about the things that I have in my life. I want it to be a place for all of you who've come on here today to share what you love, share your passion with makeup and skincare with me. A page where you feel comfortable in sharing new tips and products and I want you to always feel welcome. 

It's so important for you to know I am not an expert at everything, just like you. I'm not a celebrity or a 'public figure'. The number one thing I've learnt in 2016 is how not to give a f*ck. I have received hate messages - I always say those who don't obviously aren't doing something right, right? After reading them, I got to a stage where I was more worried about what people would say/think before I posted something, I was more concerned with every move I made and how I'd be judged as opposed to what would actually make me happy. 

In life, you can't avoid being judged, you can't avoid being criticised. There is good and there is bad. There are people who are going to love you, and people who will dislike you for no apparent reason. There will be strangers who will comment the most horrible things on your social media - this is all part of life and it's not going to stop. People have opinions, let them have it, who say's it's true? The more you are able to shake off the negativity the way Beyonce shakes her booty, the less it will bother you.

You need to expose yourself to the things you worry about. If someones leaving you childish, nasty comments, delete it. If you have to question someone's loyalty, the one who was meant to be your friend, the one who you know is talking rubbish behind your back, the one whose insecurity has gotten the best of them and begin to childishly indirect you, remove them from your life. Learn to speak up to something if you don't agree with it. In life, if something's meant to be, it will be. The more fearless things you do in life, the more fearless you will become and the stronger your mindset will be. And when you're fearless, you can literally do anything. 

Be more concerned about what's happening in your own life, stay in your lane. Better yourself every day. It's not about what this person has posted or someone that has posted the exact same product as you and they're 'copying'. Set your own goals, and stay focused enough to achieve them.


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