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Silky, soft, healthy, shiny is what every guy/girl dreams their hair to be. I was kindly sent some new haircare products from the PR team at Hask. I don't change hair products that often, but the words 'Keratin Protein' stood out with this one so I had to try it. 

I've been using this shampoo and conditioner for over a month now and it's hands down the best bunch I've used, ever. That is such a big statement to make I know, but honestly, I always get complimented on the length of my hair, and now I actually get completed on the quality of it too. A little bit of background to my hair, it is extremely long, fine, on the drier side (which has improved so much in the past year or so) and can get tangled easily.

This is a very late review, I know this review was meant to be posted a couple of weeks ago but I came across some cons which I needed to find a way to find a solution for (I'll come back to this later on in the post).

As you can tell from the name, the most important ingredient in the range is Keratin, which is a protective protein that strengthens the hair and gives it a healthy structure.

Both the shampoo and conditioner have a thick consistency which feels really luxurious in my hair, almost like a salon-like hair wash every time I use it. My hair used to be very much on the dry side but with regular oiling every 2 weeks, the help of this range - and lots of water intake, it has put a lot of moisture back into my hair.

I usually shower/wash my hair before I go to bed which means I tend to blow dry my hair because I hate sleeping with wet hair. So after using Hask the first month, this was my usual routine; wash, blow dry, bed. And after blowdrying, my hair would look salon-like ahhmazing, all the things I mentioned earlier; silky, soft, healthy, shiny. Click the highlights on my Instagram for videos.

So, a week or so ago I was super tired after my shower, I fell asleep with wet hair. The following morning, my hair looked okay, but not Hask standard like it usually was. And the day after, my roots felt a tad greasy. I thought, maybe I didn't rinse my hair properly? Maybe it was because people kept touching my hair? I was so confused, so I washed my hair and went to bed without drying it. And again, it had gotten greasy after a day. 

The only thing I had been doing differently was the drying process. At my next hair wash, I used the blowdryer and it was looking all shiny and soft again. I ended up on Google for ages, reading reviews and forums about this very weird, science related, hair-drying, greasy experiment. Several hours later, I came to the conclusion that the Keratin Protein ingredient only takes effect when hair is dried with a drier as the heat against the hair is what 'sets' the straightening, smooth effect.
Before washing - Washed

Blowdried hair

I don't brow dry my hair in any fancy way or with any brushes. I tilt my hair upside down and just blowdry will my arms get tired. My hair is super fine so it doesn't take that long to dry. My hair is currently looking and feeling so good and that's all thanks to Hask. I wouldn't recommend to use it every wash, too much Keratin can dry out your hair. I've started to use it once every 2 weeks and in between I use a more nourishing shampoo. Please remember, whichever products work for me, may not work for you, just like all every product I have spoken about on my blog. If you ever try Hask, let me know over on my Instagram @skinfacebeauty



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