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When I first started blogging, I was a huge fan of subscription boxes. It was an awesome way to discover and try out new and well-loved products. There have been many products that I have discovered and loved and still use till today. Today I am excited to share
with you the
 Cohorted May 2020 box. It consisted of 5 full sized products by Show Beauty - a brand I've not tried before but I was super excited to try out. 

What is Cohorted?
Cohorted is a luxury monthly subscription box filled with premium (sometimes limited edition) beauty and skincare products for you to try out - they are definitely not your average subscription box. The monthly cost of £39.99 will bring you a a selection of premium products whereas a single beauty or skincare item can cost you at least £40 itself - think of the money you are saving! May's boxed has a value of £147 for 8 luxury products. For new subscribers, Cohorted are currently gifting a free Nail's Inc Nail Polish when you use discount code COHORTEDGIFTMECohorted also ship internationally! 
What's in this months box?
This months box consists of products from the brand This Works. I have used a few products from this brand before so I do have high hopes and I am excited to try out some new goodies. The products I have tried have not been disappointing so you definitely will receive the best for £39.99. 

The Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is the cult product that made this works become as popular as it is. You spritz the product on your pillow and bedsheets to keep you relaxed and to help you have a better nights sleep. I don't use it consistently, but when I am stressed from work and I am struggling to sleep, I do reach for this then and it really does help. It consists of essential oils, one of which is lavender which is known to help with calming you down. 

A new product from this works that I have not tried before. I believe this accompanies the deep sleep pillow spray as it's meant for moisturising into your skin and the smell of chamomile and lavender will help you drift off to sleep. It was quite nourishing once I used it after a late shower, but by morning time my skin didn't feel as moisturised as I thought it would have. 

This overnight moisturiser is designed to encourage the skin to look more plumped and firm whilst reducing dark circles, dryness and any roughness. This cream contains Bakuchoil which is an andioxidant and anti-inflammatory that tackles wrinkles and ageing skin. I will be gifting this generous sample to my mum - she will love how rich it is. 

CBD is used to help with falling asleep and AHA exfoliates the skin's surface for new skin to grow. It's formulated with these ingredients to reduce any blemishes and decongest the skin. This works best with My Wrinkles Midnight Moisture

If wrinkles are your target, then this is the product for you. This product is designed to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst keeping the skin calm and nourished. 

Thank you for catching up on this months Cohorted box. I hope this post has helped you decide if Cohorted is for you. This box was gifted to me for review purposes and all opinions are mine. 


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