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CeraVe (owned by French cosmetics brand L'Oreal) was released back in 2005 but has recently made its way to the top of the most skincare lovers wish list for its incredible results with a budget friendly price tag. There's no escaping this drugstore friendly brand if you're a fan of TikTok - the cleansers have made such a good impression to the viewers and products are flying off the shelves in store (and online). The CeraVe journey initially began in America and is now available in UK at your local stockists Boots and Superdrug and online in Feelunique and Lookfantastic. Their PR team kindly sent me their products to test out earlier on this year and I spent all of lockdown (and more) testing out each product in order to give you my best verdict. 

CeraVe is known for its acne fighting benefits as well as nourishing dry skin with ingredients that don't irritate the skin. All CeraVe products contain a blend of three ceramides which are a type of fatty acids that make up the outer layer of the skin and are suitable for every single skin type. The packaging reminded me of medical body creams that are often prescribed to those with eczema or psoriasis - it looks very similar to cult favourite Cetaphil's packaging.

This gel textured cleanser has been such a treat to my skin! My skin is usually on the dry combination and this hasn't had any negative effects and I do tend to thoroughly moisturise straight after. It's aimed for better use for those with acne prone and oily combination skin. It's an extremely gentle cleanser that lathers up really well leaving it feeling soft and fresh. I have been using it both morning and in the evening as my second cleanser and it has been doing an awesome job of removing any excess makeup. The packaging has a pump dispenser which makes it very easy to use and control how much product you want to use however, I think I have a couple more uses left of this it's a pain to get out as I know there's so much product left at the bottom (I'll have to cut it in half with some scissors). I will definitely be purchasing the hydrating version.

On a day-to-day basis if I'm not wearing any makeup, I do find myself reaching for lightweight moisturisers more often. They sink in well and they don't make me look greasy as the day goes on. Although I do apply SPF separately, this moisturiser does contain SPF 25 and does not leave a white cast on the skin once blended in. It absorbs in really quickly, fragrance free and does not irritate my somewhat sensitive skin. This moisturiser contains the 3 ceramides which protect the skins natural barrier and the hyaluronic acid retains the skins natural moisture. I suffer from Perioral Dermatitis which is a rash that flares up around my mouth with certain products, this moisturiser didn't affect that area - in face it kept my skin thoroughly moisturised throughout the day. I have used it with a primer underneath makeup and it does sit well throughout the day.

This moisturising cream has worked wonders on keeping my legs and feet moisturised during this heat. It makes my skin feel really soft and smooth with its rich and hydrating texture. I prefer thick textured products for my body as I feel as they are so much more nourishing, this cream blends and sinks in very well without leaving any greasy residue. This cream will be perfect for those who suffer from dry/very dry skin; eczema, flakey skin or those whose skin gets very dry due to the weather.

Me and my mum are both a huge fan of hand creams! We go through so many on a monthly basis, as we are washing our hands constantly and using hand sanitiser a lot more often outdoors, our hands crave moisturising even more than before. We were so happy to receive a hand cream from CeraVe - new ones excite us! The skin around my nails can sometimes be a little tough, after weeks of constantly using this, it has thoroughly softened the skin. I've also noticed some dry skin on some of my fingers which the hand cream has kept moisturised.

Eye creams tend to be the part of skincare that people seem to forget (or not even know about). As a constant wearer of under eye concealers and setting powders, it's so important for me to look after my under eye area - keeping it moisturised and protected at all times. When buying/using eye creams, I look for ones that are depuffing, brightening and somewhat reduces are my dark circles (there's absolutely no cream that will get rid of your dark circles hunny). I loved nozzles on eye cream packaging, it's so easy to control the amount of product you want to use. It has a light texture and when blended in with my ring finger it sinks in pretty quickly. 
All in all, I think it took a couple of weeks for my skin to adjust to this new skincare routine. The CeraVe brand is definitely worth all the hype it's been getting over social media. It's a very gentle but effective skincare brand - no wonder dermatologists recommend it! Have you tried anything from CeraVe?


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