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Beauty By Topshop

I must start off with saying how impressed I am with Topshop beauty. I have no idea why I didn't try these products any earlier but I definitely recommend all the products I will be mentioning in this post and I can't wait to try out more from their collection!

Lipstick in Mink, Wicked & Boardroom

£8.00 (click here)

I loveee the lipstick range in Topshop- the colours they have are all very unique compared to the ones we see in the drugstores. I traveled FAR for the lipstick in Boardroom as it was out of stock in all my local Topshop stores and online but it was alllll worth it because the colour is perfect! 

Mink- a pinky/browny nude
Wicked-  a rich, bold purple
Boardroom- a dark, brownish taupe

Once applied, it literally feels like silicone on the lips so it is very creamy and smooth. I'd definitely say they are long-lasting and moisturising. 
TIP- add some loose translucent powder onto the lips which leaves a matte finish.

Lip Liner in Ceramic

£5.00 (click here)

This peach/brown lip liner is very creamy and smooth looking once applied. I have officially become a lip liner hoarder! At the beginning of last year, I owned about 1 or 2 now I'm running out of space in my lip liner holder =Z It's a very neutral, subtle colour, easy to pair with any lipstick to encourage longevity and prevent lipstick bleeding. You can of course wear it on its own if you prefer, it leaves a lovely matte finish. 

Velvet Lips in Velveteen Ribbon

 £10 (out of stock online)

This was one of the first liquid lipsticks I ever bought and I was super impressed by its longevity, texture and the gorgeous matte finish (which if you don't know is my favourite at the moment). As soon as it's applied, it dries really quickly and the lasting power is amazing. I had it on for 6-7 hours without reapplying, I ate and drank throughout the day and it did not budge! I did apply lip balm beforehand just because it is a full on matte finish and did not want it to dry out my lips.

Bronzer in Mohawk

£9 (out of stock online)

Now, I am sucker for bronzers as blushes have never really been my thing. This is a matte, medium-brown bronzer which gives a very natural finish but can be built up. It's easy to blend and lasts all day on my cheeks. I love using it for contouring, bronzing and even as a transition colour on my eyelids. A perfect dupe for Benefit's Hoola bronzer (however Hoola is a slightly on the darker side). 

Highlighter in Horizon

£10 (click here)

I mentioned this highlighter endless times on my Instagram (click here) and in my February favourites (click here), only because it truly is a must have highlighter for dark and tanned complexions. It has a campagney-gold undertone and leaves a natural finish. I love wearing this with my Bahama-Mama bronzer by theBalm Cosmetics.


What Topshop beauty products do you recommend?


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