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Chiseled Cheeks at its cheapest

Contouring has definitely taken over our beauty market! Why shouldn't it, who doesn't love defined features? Let's welcome one of the very few that we have in our UK drugstores- Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit.

I picked this up back in February (click here) as soon as it came out after seeing it mentioned as a dupe for ABH contour kit on Amelia Liana's video but it has been narrowed down to three main colours. ABH isn't easily available here as it's forever out of stock so waheyyy to an alternative.

The packaging is just like any other Barry M palettes, it's not great, a little flimsy and has a cheap feel to it, but always remember, don't judge a book by its cover right? Although the packaging isn't a 10, the powders do keep very well and do not get damaged during storage. I was obsessing over contouring at the time of purchase so my thoughts on packaging went straight out the window. 

There are three shades in the kit, a cool contour, a warm contour and a yellow setting powder all of which are matte but with the tiniest bit of sheen. The kit has a handy pictorial on the inside which you can follow to get the perfect chiseled look. The pan sizes are not too small and not too big, there's definitely lots of room for you to swirl your Real Techniques contour brush in. 

cool contour: a dark taupe for contouring
warm contour: works like a bronzer
yellow setting powder: to set the under eye area and add a highlight


All three shades are super pigmented, have a buttery and are very blendable. And with the two different contour shades, I'd definitely say it's a universal kit. So what more could we ask for in such a pocket friendly contour kit? This budget contour kit is perfect for light to medium complexions and if you're new to the whole highlight and contouring process. 

REMEMBER: with contouring, start off with a little bit of product and build it up if needed!



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