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A Brightening Face Mask

Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Mask  |  £6.50

After finishing my lovely Catastrophe Cosmetics mask (review here), I headed back to Lush to try out another fabulous mask (Lush have never let me know when it comes to fresh masks using natural ingredients). I had my eye on this mask for a while but had to get through what I already had. But when Brazened Honey was described as a brightening mask, the lovely Ellie (who always serves me at Stratford Westfield, she is such a sweetheart) I just had to take it home with me.

As soon as I applied the mask, I felt a tingling feeling straight away (which I kinda like as it assures me the mask is working). After my first use, I noticed my skin was feeling super smooth. After a few more uses, my face appeared to be glowing and scars left from spots had begun to reduce. 

I use the mask once a week (sometimes twice when my skin misses it) and it does a fabulous job of brightening, refreshing and exfoliating my skin. And on the other half of the week I use my trusty Lush Dark Angels cleanser (review up soon). The mask exfoliates the skin whilst wiping it off and I wipe off using a face sponge which I purchased from Liz Earle.

Like all Lush products, even this has its own skin benefits;

fennel: cleanses and brightens
ginger: clears blemishes, acne and hyperpigmentation
parsley: high doses of Vitamin C which is involved in the brightening and glowing process
sage: encourages radiant and flawless skin
juniperberry: a popular acne ingredient
lime juice: reduces bacteria, tightens pores and removes dead skin
almond oil: reduces hyperpigmentation 
eggs: prevents damage to the skin
honey: works as an antibacterial and leaves the skin looking glowy

Damn, that is a lot of ingredients right? But remember, these are all fresh and natural- so they are perfect for the skin. All Lush masks come in a small pot and I managed to get around 6-7 masks out of it. It smells very strongly of honey and ginger so if you're not a fan of those, I definitely wouldn't recommend it. 

*remember: You are able to take home samples to try out before purchasing.


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