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Mists On The Go

Mists are a perfect alternative to perfumes that we can just quickly spritz on ourselves and throw in our bags before heading out. There's not that much difference between a fragrance mist and a body mist although the fragrance mist scent lasts a little longer and is less concentrated. I am so rubbish at describing scents but I will try my best.

This is one of my new favs! I was shopping in Bershka one day and you know how all stores have products along the queue-line, me and my friend just stood there holding up the line spritzing all 3 mists. It's available in Mango Vibes (smells soooo good), Fruity Splash and Candy Love (smells like one of the Victoria Secret mists).

The Body Shop White Musk Libertine Body Mist  |  £7.50
This is very much a girly floral, warm scent and not over powering at all. I sometimes spritz this around my room or the car- it just smells so damn good!

The Red Musk mist is one of their newer winter releases. If you're a fan of spicy, cinnamon-y scents then you'll love this.

One of my first TBS mist purchases. I was stuck between this and the Mango one, as with the sweet lover that I am I had to go for Vanilla. It does smell good when I'm in the sweet scent mood but it can get a little sickening.

Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Fragrance Mist
This was a gift but I believe they are around £11-£14 
When VS first opened, for me it wasn't all about the fancy bras, thongs or knickers- it was the bath and body section. Uhhh, their perfumes and mists and lotions and everything just smells perfect!

*Victoria Secret always have an offer on their mists, 4 or 5 for £25
*TBS also have 30-40% off their products online and instore


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