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Laura Mercier Silk Creme Moisturising Photo Edition Foundation  |  £35
I've been wanting this foundation for agesss but the original Silk Creme wasn't available in many colours. So after a long wait and endless trips to Selfridges & spaceNK, in April they re-released an upgraded version of their Silk Creme for two different skin types; the oil free for the oily skins and the moisturising edition for the normal to dry types. 
Laura describes this foundation as;

"a long-wearing formula with a high pigment load that provides up to 12 hours of full coverage wear while feeling comfortable on skin and hiding even hard-to-cover imperfections"

So how perfect does that sound? The extremely long name basically means it is long wearing and photo friendly- meaning no white cast flashbacks (yay!)
I sampled Suntan which looked quite light on my hand but once applied onto my face it was the perfect match (the lady at the counter did warn me about this so make sure you try out a few colours and then see them in natural lighting outside the store or ask for a sample to take home).

With my dry skin and slightly oily t-zone, the foundation sinks in extremely well. Although I only use a pea-sized amount every time, I always feel that I need to blend it in for longer than I do with any other foundation- I have absolutely no idea why but that's not really a con in my books.
It has moisturising benefits which is perfect for those with normal to dry skin. It contains Shea butter and silk protein blend which prevents the skin from drying out and keeps it looking and feeling hydrated.

It's highly pigmented as stated in Laura's description so a little definitely goes a long way. It does a fabulous job of covering the redness around my nose and pigmentation around my mouth area. I give credit to the coverage- I usually tend to go over my pigmented areas with a concealer but the foundation covers the areas very well leaving a radiant & dewy finish.

Despite the fact this foundation is medium to buildable coverage, it is super lightweight and very natural looking. Like with all my foundations, I moisturise and prime before foundation application which I love to apply with my trusty dampened beautyblender in bouncing motions. The longevity of this foundation is amazing. It lasts all day on my skin and unlike other foundations which tend to melt off by the end of the day, this does a fab job of staying in place & I do not need to touch up. 
If you're looking for something that leaves a matte finish, then this is definitely not for you as it leaves the complete opposite. It ticks all the right boxes of being long-lasting, photo friendly, moisturising and a flawless but natural finish. The only downside I could think of is choosing the right colour for your skin tone. Although there are a mix of both yellow and pink undertones, I do think there are big jumps (shade-wise) between them.


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