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As well as a lash hoarder, I am not ashamed to admit to being a shade hoarder as well. Just like shoes and bags, you can never have enough shades, one for every different look you create or want to go for. I don't own any designer ones only because I'd probably lose and break them anyway! (I did own a Rayban Wayfarer years ago but sadly that snapped in half, ouch)

Sunglasses are available in many different colours, sizes, styles etc so there's definitely a pair for everyone! They are worn for the obvious reason- to protect our eyes from the bright sunlight but the majority of the time I wear it is because of my hayfever- it literally kills mey!

How to choose sunglasses for your face

My collection
Top row: 1
Style: Round
Price: £2.39
Purchased from: eBay (click here)

Top row: 2
Style: Round
Price: £1.00
Purchased from: Primark

Top row: 3
Style: Aviator
Price: £12.99
Purchased from: Topman (similar here)

Bottom row: 1
Style: Wayfarer
Price: £16.00
Purchased from: Topshop (similar here)

Bottom row: 2
Style: Round
Price: £1.00
Purchased from: Primark

Bottom row: 3
Style: Round
Price: £3.95
Purchased from: eBay (click here)

Pictured below
Style: Wayfarer
Price: £18.00
Purchased from: Urban Outfitters (similar here)

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