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After visiting a really good friend of mine who works at a NARS counter a month or so ago, I came home the happiest bunny. I was re-purchasing my favourite Nars concealer and telling her how it's literally my 50th purchase in the last 2 years. I use it nearly everyday and as I have stopped wearing foundation on a daily basis I have been reaching for them even more to conceal any blemishes and my dark circles.

This concealer is hands down the best concealer I have ever used. Even after trying many other ones, nothing has ever come close to how amazingly this covers everything I need it to. The downside to this always was that it finishes hella quick but not any more! 

My friend had showed me a trick with a tester concealer that she had read about online on Teresa's blog post (read original post here). As soon as I got in that same day, I did the trick on all 4 of the concealers that I had hiding in my drawers to see how much product exactly was left (leaving one for this blog post). 
If you take a closer look at the Nars concealer, you'll be able to see four ridges where the doe-foot applicator screws in. Above the top ridge is the stopper, which is what we will be focusing on. The stopper is what stops excess product leaking out when the tube is brand new/full so it's important to know if you do this while the tube is still full, make sure when storing your concealer you leave it standing up so nothing leaks. It would make sense to do this when you think you've come to the end and no more product is coming out, that way once you take the stopper out, the product will not be near the top. 
What you need to do is take the stopper out. I did this easily with my nails but Teresa advised wedging a knife in between and shuffling it out like a cork bottle - the stopper will look like a really mini cork (you'll understand once you're doing it). Once the stopper is out, the doe-foot applicator can then reach the bottom of the tube where so much of the concealer is probably sitting.
As the concealer can be quite pricey to some, after trying this out you'll definitely be using up all the product and price tag will so be worth it!



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