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I have used a hell of a lot of different setting powders and this one by far is the best one I have ever used. I use it to lightly bake my under eyes, set any oily areas on my face and set my eye lids too and a little does go a long way and it really is a versatile powder. I find with some powders, you can't use  I first saw this product on Patrick Starr's Youtube videos, and he uses so much powder!!! Honestly, a lot of it is not needed. 

It is heavily scented, which can be a downside for some. I actually really like the smell of it. At first, it does seem a little too potent, but within 15-20 seconds the scent does disappear. There is an unscented one available as I've seen all over YouTube but it's not available in the UK. I own the original Translucent version, but there is a Translucent Extra Coverage which obviously adds extra coverage onto your skin when set, and there are limited shades available too. Everything is linked at the end of this post.
The actual product is so finely milled, so it does blend in seamlessly. I find it works best when pressed into the skin with my trusty beautyblender especially around my nose area. Doing the pressing technique encourages the fine powder to fill in any pores which shows the illusion of soft, smooth skin. 
Let me just say, do not be put off by the slightest pink undertone - it's not obvious once applied onto the skin. I have a yellow undertone and the powder does not change the colour of my concealer or effect the way it looks against my skin at all. I don't use MAC foundations but for reference, I did get my colour matched and I am in between NC40 - NC42. One of the first things I test with settings powders is if it gives flashback because that is one this I hate! Don't go overboard with the product, use a small amount of powder to bake or set. And I'm happy to confirm that this product does not give the horrible flashback with photography.

It comes in a standard pot packaging that pops open (not screw) with the mini sieve-like section to prevent too much of the powder coming out at once. With this one, I found that the powder just would not come out consistently so keep in mind, there will need to be a lot of salt-n-pepper shaking for the powder to come out - (I guess, in a way it's a good thing, you'll be able to control exactly how much powder you want to use but it can get messy). The powder does come with an extremely large, fluffy puff which I don't use but it's pretty to look at. 
I use this powder straight after blending out my concealer with the same beautyblender. It sets my makeup on for the entire time I have it on, so I don't need to retouch or reapply throughout the day. My office at work gets extremely hot, so by the end of the day, certain areas of my face like around my nose and t-zone, it gets a tad oily. I don't ever set my foundation because of my dry skin, so I used this in those areas and my foundation did not budge. As it is getting warmer here in London, I reckon this will be staple in my makeup routine.

Compared to everyone's favourite, Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, you do get more than double the amount with the Airspun powder, so imagine how much money you'd be saving, especially with the big price difference too. The powder does make the area it's applied to look matte but it doesn't look dry or sit on top of the skin like some powders do, nor does it dry out the skin throughout the day. It's super affordable and perfect to use on a day-to-day basis if you don't want to use your more expensive powders.

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