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Subject Notebook
This came in SO handy whilst at uni. There are 10 split sections altogether and each section has a good amount of lined paper for notes. I studied four modules and each module had more then enough sections for each term.

Revision Note Cards
I wish I knew about these whilst at school instead of sitting there ripping up bits of A4 paper, grr! These are ready-made revision cards which you can use to write up your notes for on the go or to stick around your room.

Pen 0.8
My favourite pens! I am a stationary junkie and when I came across these a few years back, it had transformed my handwriting and made it look 10x prettier. It doesn't smudge or leak and it's a true black - you need!

Marble Travel Mug
I picked this up recently to take into work with me. I always need my latte's in the morning and this is so handy, it easily slips into my bag too without worrying about it leaking. Not forgetting its marble, my new obsession!

Spotted Cup and Saucer
For those of you that don't like travel mugs but prefer actual mugs, here's a pretty one for your desk :)

Good luck to all those who are starting a near year at school, college or university. Good luck to those who work term time only and are going back and to those who are starting a new job. And good luck to those who are still deciding what their future plans are, I hope whatever you decide to do works out for you!

Happy shopping!


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