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EBAY FINDS #1 Collegen Crystal Eyelid Patch Review: Submission

My under eyes were ridiculously dark and dry and I am no good with consistency when it comes to eye creams. I always forget and I am very impatient. I was searching for eye patches online but I was hesitant on spending lots of money. Then I came across these Collegen Crystal Eyelid Patches on Ebay for so cheap, I thought why not give them a try, my under eyes couldn't get any worse.

Collegen Crystal Eyelid Patch  |  £5.00 for a pack of 10  |  Ebay


Each pack comes with 2 white moist patches. I place one patch underneath each eye. It gives a cooling sensation underneath the eyes and you will be able to feel the moisture seeping through. I leave them on for 15-20 minutes and when you remove the patches, you'll see there is no moisture left on them.


I noticed a difference after 2 weeks of using these products. I use them twice a week (2 packets a week). I've restocked on them, I think they are great for the price. And I will keep stocking up as they do an amazing job of reducing the pigmentation and puffiness under my eyes.


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