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Lush Lip Scrubs: Winter Skin Problems

We've come to that time of year where our skin dries up immensely, and its such a pain right? We have to change up our wardrobe as well as the all important skincare regime! Some people add more things, some people take away things and only use one strong product. Lets get down to business, do these lip scrubs even work?

Lush Lip Scrub  |  £5.50  |  Lush

Well, lip scrubs are definitely not just for winter, I actually use mine all year round- especially the days where I reach for bold, matte lipsticks. As 'matte' can be quite drying, imagine how your lips feel without any moisture throughout the day and when it comes it taking it off, its such a chore its like ripping off the skin!

Only in London we witness all seasons in 1 day, one minutes its super windy, then the sun appears, leaves flying into our face and then it starts to rain. So with the horrible, constant weather changes, my lips tend to dry up so much. I have a bad habit of licking them, which makes them dry up even more- to the point where they nearly start to peel- yes I must definitely stop that habit.

The Lush Lip Scrub in Bubblegum has been my saviour! Its also available in Popcorn, Mint Julips and the Christmas limited edition, Cola. I am obsessed with matte lipsticks so the scrub is like a 'must-have'. It removes the excess layer of dead, peeling skin and leaves a smooth base for a smooth application. The smell is aahhhmazing, its exactly like bubblegum and the best thing is- you can even lick it off and it tastes like bubblegum. However, I don't really like the thought of licking off my dead skin, eek!

A little does go a long way. I like to dip my finger in once and pat the scrub onto my upper and lower lips. I then scrub back and forth for 10-15 seconds and then let the scrub works its magic. The longer you scrub, the softer the lips, however, DO NOT OVER SCRUB! After rinsing it off, my lips are left feeling super moisturised and I finish off by applying a light lip moisturiser. 


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