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Lush BRIGHTSIDE Bubble Bar

I have a crazyyy obsession with citrus scents! From face masks to brush cleaners to room scents. I stopped by Lush a few days ago and was drawn to this distinctive citrus scent in the bath bomb area. Yes, I smelt every single bath bomb and eventually found the amazing Brightside Bubble Bar. 

Lush Brightside Bubble Bar  |  £4.75  |  Lush

"When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle! Hop in the bath with one of these uplifting bubble bars, Sicilian mandarin, bergamot and tangerine essential oils to help you look on the bright side of life!"

I was so excited, I used this as soon as I got home that night. And ohhhh my not only did it fill up my bathroom with its amazing orange-y citrus-y scent but it also made the bath water turn into that fab autumn-y orange!

I ran my bath as usual, and crumbled in a quarter of the bubble bar under the hot tap. I then let it do its magic and the pieces of bubble bar left a beautiful bubbly ombre in the bathtub. I felt so relaxed and the scent even lingered on my skin for a good 3-4 hours. 

Like all Lush products, even this has its own skin benefits;

tangerine oil: uplifting fragrance and tones the skin
bergamot oil: uplifting and cleansing

It also contains the amazing gardenia extract which is great for relaxation as it treats irritability, headaches and tension (perfect for me every night). I will definitely be purchasing this again!

What's your favourite Lush bath product(s)?


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