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Lessons In Beauty #2


Welcome back to another lesson in beauty! As before, here is where I love sharing some tips, tricks and advice that I've picked up on my blogging journey (maybe even way before then). 

LESSONS IN BEAUTY #1 (click here)

Balance your makeup
Bold lips are so in this winter. So is the smokey eye look, the cheek highlighting and of course the contouring. It's soooooo important to balance out your makeup just to make sure there's not too much going on. Crazy shimmer on the eyes plus crazy shimmer on the cheeks plus super glossy lips is a no-no, we are humans' not disco balls!

Spot picking
Never, ever, ever, ever... ever, pick your spots! However tempting it may be. Whoever said it's okay to pick your spots or bust them is a liar! All that does is scar you and extends the time for it heal and disappear. Nails plus spots = NO!

Toning is still very new in the skincare world. I only learnt about it over a year ago, and a lot of people I speak to still ask me what are toners used for. Toners are used to take off the traces of dirt or makeup that you might have missed whilst cleansing. Depending on what toner you use, it's main uses are to shrink pores, refresh the skin, prevent ingrown hairs and add a layer of protection. So yes ladies, use a toner! It is an extra step but it only takes a couple of seconds.

Here are reviews for my favourites;

Lush Tea Tree Toner Water (click here)
Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer (click here and here)

Different people, different skin, different reaction
One of the most important rules about recommending products or trying out new products is that if it works for me, it might not work for you (vice-versa). I remember stressing this when I first started blogging and till this day, the rule still stays! Bloggers, Youtubers, sales ladies etc recommend products all the time, now it's up to YOU to take that risk of purchasing the product or not. Most department stores allow you to test out the product in store so make use of that before purchasing. We all have different skin types and we will react to products differently, some good some bad. 

Switch up your makeup
If you're like me, buying products every week and having it build up on your makeup table- then there's bound to be products that have been sitting there for ages and not being used let alone looked at. Look through your stash every 5/6 months and if you haven't used it, then get rid!

Sun protection is key
It's so hard to stress the importance of using SPF religiously. Either people complain it's an extra step or getting a white cast flashback during photography. 

1) SPF can be found in most moisturisers and primers nowadays so you'll be applying those anyway
2) Well there isn't a number 2, just feed your skin with the happiness it deserves and apply the damn SPF!

SPF in creams prevents UVA and UVB from damaging your skin all year round which can have long-term damaging effects such as wrinkles and premature aging. Yes, even during the gloomy days, if your out in daylight slap on the SPF!


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