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I'm so so happy I managed to get hold of all the Kylie Lip Kits (I've just seen that she'll be releasing a new shade, 22, which I obviously need lol!) I know this is a super late review, I thought I'd give these a good old test before sharing my opinion. I purchased a few when they were first released back in November last year and I purchased the newer shades when they were released at the beginning of February. They were literally out of stock within minutes both times (it felt like an online battle) however, she has mentioned that she'll be stocking up quite regularly (so please don't purchase them for the extortionate prices that other people are selling them at).
I love love love the packaging to these kits, they are so unique and definitely stand out compared to other brands. Each box follows the same design with the shade dripping off the lips. Each kit contains a liquid lipstick with a matching lip liner. The liquid lipsticks come in a doe-foot applicator and the actual applicator is slightly curved to fit onto the lips perfectly. The lip pencils are buttery and glide on very easily on exfoliated lips.
True Brown K: deep, rich brown
Mary Jo K: classic red
Posie K: blushing, rosey pink
Dolce K: brown toned nude
Koko K: baby ballet pink
Candy K: pink toned nude
The liquid lipsticks are all highly pigmented. I prefer to apply any liquid liquids with a lip brush because it allows me to get such a crisp edge, however, when using the doe-foot applicator I wipe off all the excess product into the tube before applying it onto my lips. It smells super sweet (just like vanilla) but it's not sickening at all. They are super creamy and also easy to glide on like the lip pencils. 
Before starting my makeup routine, I always exfoliate and moisturise my lips- I do my lips at the end and by that time my lips are nice and soft. The liquid lipsticks dry matte within seconds and are long lasting and by exfoliating and moisturising beforehand, it does not allow the product to dry out your lips. I do think the newer shades (Mary Jo K, Posie K, Koko K) are more thinner, slightly more drying than the first release and the tubes are a tad bit smaller, however I'd definitely recommend them. They feel so luxurious on my lips as well as looking luxurious on my dresser too!
I purchased my bunch directly from the Kylie Cosmetics website (click here)
$29 / £20.89 for each kit
- I wasn't charged customs for either of my orders but a couple other girls have. So be aware of that when placing your orders, you may or may not be charged customs.


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