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Beautyblenders have seriously changed my makeup game ever since I purchased my first one a couple years back from Guru Makeup Emporium, South Kensington. I use it every single time I apply foundation and it never fails to impress me. There are some really good alternatives available in the beauty market, for example the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge. However, I always find myself going back to the original beautyblenders.

Beautyblenders are most famous for its egg shape. A shape that can fit all areas of the face. It's super lightweight which allows the beautyblender to be super bouncy when blending in product. Sometimes, I can do an entire makeup look with just this sponge; my foundation, concealer/highlight, contour and setting powder.

PRO BLACK  (click here)
The Pro Black beautyblender is very much the same as the bright pink original one. However, this one is much more softer and much more bouncier. I've also noticed my foundation looking more like an airbrushed finish. This one is also stain resistant and it is a pure black colour and no foundation stains will be shown after it's been cleaned.

RED CARPET  (click here)
Just like the Pro Black, even this is exactly like the original beautyblender, the only difference being its colour. The only downside from this beautyblender is that every time you rinse the sponge, the red colour does run.

MICRO MINIS  (click here)
The Micro Minis were specifically made for the under eye area - to blend in concealer/highlight and to set with setting powder. I've used it a couple of times and it did eventually do its job however, I did feel a little clumsy with it as it is so tiny. I can get the same finish when using the original beautyblender - I found this cute but a bit pointless. 

- lightweight: easy bouncing motions when blending in product
- finish: using the beautyblender gives the most flawless finish
- size: small and easy to travel with
- does not waste any product whereas some brushes do
- multipurpose: can be used to blend in different products

- price: costing £16 per sponge can put people off

It's best to use the beautyblenders whilst they are damp. To find out how I exactly use my beautyblender (click here). It's definitely one of my favourite investments as they last for sooo long. I alternate between the beautyblenders I currently own, so when one is being washed I use the other. I wash them at least once a week. 

I rinse my beautyblender under the water then rub onto the solid beautyblender soap (which I got free with my CultBeauty order), I then rinse and squeeze the beautyblender. I do this back and forth until the water from the beautyblender runs clear.

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