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Another edition to the Jessup Pro range and every time it just gets better and better. This range has been inspired by Sonia Kashuk brush collection and consists of 15 brushes in total. They are all super soft and feel SO good on the face. Like all Jessup sets, the come with guards which you can re-use after washing the brushes to keep their shape. I always wash my sets as soon as I receive them to get rid of the paint-like smell. For more information on how I wash my brushes (click here).
Brushes can be used for anything you feel comfortable using it for. No brush ever has a specific use. For example, I sometimes use eyeshadow brushes to apply my highlight. Below I have listed what I use each brush for.

SMALLER BRUSHES (brushes in order of the picture above)
Precision Smudge Brush: perfect for blending out eyeshadows to create cut creases
Small Shadow Brush: blend out eyeshadows
Concealer Brush: apply cream products onto the face ie. foundation, concealer, contours
Smudge Brush: blending eyeshadow on lower lash line
Crease Brush: blending eyeshadow on crease
Angled Liner Brush: applying gel liner or applying brow pomades/powders
Fluffy Shadow Brush: apply highlight, blending any powders
Blending Brush: blending eyeshadow
Spoolie: brushing through the brows

BIGGER BRUSHES (brushes in order of the picture above)
Buffing Brush: blending in foundation
Powder Brush: blending loose powders or bronzers
Angled Face Brush: blending in cream contours
Contour Brush: blending in cream contours
Foundation Brush: applying face masks
Blusher Brush: blending bronzers

If you follow me on Snapchat (skinfacebeauty) then you'd already know that these two brushes out the range stood out to me the most. I used them as soon as I washed them; the buffing brush to blend in my foundation before going in with my beautyblender and the contour brush to blend in my Sleek Cream Contour. Both brushes blended with precision but I still went in with my beautyblender for a flawless finish. 
- very affordable: a set of 15 different brushes for around £17 including delivery
- great quality: slight shedding at the first wash but none at the second wash
- brushes are really soft and blends product out really well

- the unpleasant smell
- it can take up to 3 - 4 weeks to arrive

This set is available in four different colours;
- Forest Green (the set I own)
- Purple and Dark Violet
- Black and White 
- Green and White

As it's coming from China it can take up to 3 - 4 weeks. Mine took just under 2 weeks and I was not charged customs.

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